Aaron Shekey

Specialization is for insects.

While I mostly get paid to be a product designer, I’m also a musician, a songwriter, producer, carpenter, a writer, an audio engineer, a front-end developer, an app developer, an investor, a director, an animator, speaker, a homeowner, a remodeler, and just a generally curious fella. I believe in following passions and exploring.

Beyond the things I do, I love films and television. I like watching things critically and enjoying the craft—figuring out how my favorite things got made, and where my least favorite things went wrong. With MoviePass I had one of the best summers of my life.

I love to swim. I could wade around all day. I also absolutely love hot tubs. What’s better than a night at the Hewing with your friends? Recently, I’ve really gotten into float tanks, though 2020 put a pause on that.

My home is Minneapolis, MN. I love to travel. I adore New Orleans. I’ve failed to visit Japan on two separate occasions. I’d love to see everywhere twice. A little wonder goes a long, long way.