Aaron Shekey

I’m a product designer and musician in Minneapolis, MN. I design and build Hum. I lead a band called The Usual Things. I work at Stack Overflow. I’ve also worked at GitHub and Adobe.

Building dark mode on Stack Overflow

Way too much detail on how I shipped dark mode to Stack Overflow.

March 2020

Custom Emojis

Let’s get one thing straight. The Party Parrot is played.

May 2019

ParkMobile User Experience

Parking using ParkMobile’s app leaves a lot to be desired. I offer some sensible improvements to their app.

April 2019

Video Conferencing with a Proper Camera

I’ve switched from a built-in webcam to a proper camera and lens. This is how I did it.

November 2018

Write What You Want

I’ve edited a bit of previously-unreleased score from Almost Famous from a high-quality source for your enjoyment.

February 2018

Automatic Comping in Logic Pro

Comping audio is a time-consuming process. I’ve mocked up a dream feature for automatic comping based on pitch and rhythym in Apple’s Logic Pro X.

February 2017

Cabronita Deluxe

I recently designed a guitar from the ground up, based entirely on my own contradictory tastes. I’ve dubbed it the Cabronita Deluxe.

May 2016

Diarrhea is the New Fuck

In the spring of 2014, I fell head over heels for a band whose name I’d only laughed about. Until I heard them.

April 2016

Troy McClure’s IMDb Profile

As a huge Simpsons fan, I did my best to build an accurate IMDb profile for Troy McClure. This combines references from the TV show, comic books, and video games.

December 2015

America’s Finest News Source

The Onion is an unwavering bastion of emotional truth. With every week, good news or bad, it will deliver 12 headlines that perfectly tap into the emotional pulse of its readership. “America’s Finest News Source.” You’re god damned right.

October 2014

Optimizing Subway

At Subway’s scale, even tiny optimizations can have profound effects on the environment, the diner’s experience, and the franchise’s bottom line.

July 2014

The Hot Dog Button

I recently had the privilege of remodeling my kitchen. It ended up being much more superficial than I’d originally hoped since appliance design has been hindered by total-nonsense features.

January 2014

It’s What You Leave Out

“It’s not what you put into it. It’s what you leave out … Yeah, that’s rock n’ roll.” This thinking can be applied to everything—rock n’ roll, software, even skylines.

September 2013